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A luxurious range of high quality cosmetics, largely based on 100% natural argan oil

Key facts on Argan Oil

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    • Our raw material: Highest quality 100% pure argan oil, certified organic by the Mediterranean Institute of Certification (CCBP / IMC).

    • Ecological –selective and exclusive harvest from the argan forest, recognized as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.  The oil is obtained by first cold pressing of unroasted kernels picked from chosen wild trees.

    • Fair trade product made by the Argan Women’s Syndicate, internationally recognized for its production capacity and its social action. The Syndicate also supplies the European pharmaceutical industry.  Traceability and quality control are ensured throughout the process.

    • Only African product to have received the European Union's label of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

    • True cosmetic wonder. This hydrating multipurpose product contains high doses of vitamin E and Omega6, as well as Omega9, squalene and sterols which hydrate hair, face, body and nails. Moroccan pharmacopoeia recommends it to fight acne and to relieve chapped skin as well as burns. 

    • Prolonged exposure to light can alter the properties of the argan oil. Nevertheless, we have chosen transparent bottles allowing you to see the beautiful golden liquid color. Keep the bottle away from light or use the packaging to protect it, especially if you are planning on keeping the bottle for a few months.

    • Argan oil is also sensitive to air. We therefore use airless bottles equipped with a diaphragm that rises to dispense the product, keeping the inside free of air. This high-tech bottle made in Germany is hermetic and highly resistant even when carried around in sport bags, purses or luggage. You can reuse the bottle simply by pushing the piston downwards.

    • Like all natural products, the argan oil's composition changes with time. High levels of tocopherols help keep the oil fresh for about 24 months following production (see batch number). When the oil starts smelling dusty, it cannot be used as a cosmetic product anymore but can be useful for maintaining fine leather as it is done in Morocco.

    • Cosmetic argan oil has a light golden color whereas the culinary oil which is obtained by pressing the roasted kernels, has a darker, chestnut-like colour.

    • Argan oil has a rich, soft texture. It is a dry oil which means it is instantly absorbed by the skin, providing a soothing effect.

    • The smell of argan oil varies from odorless to a mild nutty scent. When the smell becomes more intense, it means the product’s lifespan is coming to an end.

    • Our argan oil contains no preservatives, artificial colours, parabens or chemical additives, nor is it tested on animals.

    • The oil is extracted from the argan tree’s kernels. If you suffer from a nut allergy, apply a small amount of argan oil on your arm and rinse with clear water in case of a reaction.