Moroccan berber woman in Argan Land on the way to work. Argan trees are among the very few plants able to survive in this desertic landscape. Berber women take advantage of the tree's unique DNA by using it's magic argan oil.


Argan Oil is the secret of youth used by Berber women living at the border of the Sahara. Even seniors working under these extremely harsh climate conditions keep the tight, fresh and soft skin of their youth.

  • Because of its fatty acids (the essential Omega6 counts for 45% of Argan Oil, the non essential Omega 9 for 35%). Argan oil regenerates the hydrolipidic film and locks the moisture in your skin cells. Therefore Argan oil counts among the most effective natural moisturizers for skin.

  • Argan oil is safe for all skin types and all ages, no matter if you are 13, 25, 40 or 65. It is completely natural.

  • Argan oil works as an antiseptic - it eliminates microbes  on the skin surface and protects against germ, fungi and other external stresses.

  • Argan oil is easily absorbed by the skin leaving it smooth and glowing without being greasy. Depending on your skin structure, a very light film may remain after half a minute - if you have to work on screens or pads just wash this remains off.  

  • When applied on a regular basis it can help prevent and reduce stretch marks caused by weight fluctuations on belly and thighs. Throughout and following pregnancy, it noticeably improves the elasticity of the skin.

  • Watch Berber women, even old: Argan oil protects their skin from damage from sun, dryness and wind. It protects also from smoke, pollution and other threats to your skin's health. This is due to the unrivaled high degree of Viamine E, the most effective of all tocopherols in fighting free radicals which constantly attack the skin.

  • Therefore Argan oil reduces inflammation and Moroccans treat a number of skin disorders like mild cases of eczema and psoriasis,

  • A gentle massage with Argan oil relieves dry, itchy, flaky and sunburned skin (heavy sun exposure stresses the skin, causes dryness and inflammation).

  • Argan oil helps slow aging by promoting the renewal of skin cells making skin more elastic and reducing fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles. Its contained sterols stimulate the structure of the cell membrane and improve the skin metabolism.