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A luxurious range of high quality cosmetics, largely based on 100% natural argan oil
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Argan Body Care

Argan Body Care

Even the most resistant male skin needs grooming- be it after shaving, waxing, a day at the beach, a day in blistering cold, or simply to feel good in your skin. 

Our highly-concentrated body care formulas contain between 90% and 97% of Argan Oil. They leave your full body skin feeling soothed, moisturized and softened, 24 hours a day. The skin looks noticeably firmer and more toned- fast and fuss free! 

We employ most advanced natural cosmetic technology, based on pure plant oils and high-quality natural ingredients, the most important of which being pure natural Argan oil with its excellent cosmetic properties. 

They counteract dry, flaky and itchy skin conditions, and are an excellent guard in preventing further dryness and irritation. 

Tests even confirmed the beneficial effects of pure oil on customers suffering from eczema and A-topic skin. 

Another noteworthy benefit of our pure Argan Oil lies in its effect on stretch marks due to weight loss. 

A few drops of the instantly absorbing dry oil on the affected areas during the weight reduction phase, will protect your skin against stretch marks during and after weight reduction. 

Due to its spectacular amounts of vitamin E, Argan Oil increases the elasticity of your skin thus reducing the likelihood of developing unsightly stretch marks.

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